primal cuts

established in 2012 with a passion

for delicious and ethical food.

We practice the (almost) lost art of Nose to Tail Butchery.  We believe that there is a use for every part of the animal.  Waste is kept to an absolute minimum, so this is also the most environmentally friendly way of providing you with quality meat. With the ability to work with whole animals we can maintain the no waste model by making our own stocks and sell bones to use at home.

We have a deep respect for how our animals are treated, fed, and raised.  This is why we source our products from farmer’s and producers that have these same values. 

We believe that a butcher needs to understand the animal from beginning to end; from the farm to your table. 

George Madill, Primal’s owner and head butcher, was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario.  He started cutting meat, quite by chance, as a teenager in downtown Peterborough .  George was very lucky to have several master, “old school”, butchers take him under their wing as he continued his training with the late Craig Green and Stan Knott at The Butcher Block in Bridgenorth, Ontario.

George spent six years working at two of Toronto’s premiere Butcher shops.  In 2012, he realized his dream of moving home and opening his own shop.